Tokenomics Line


Tokenomics made simple, one line at a time.
We provide a data-driven software integration to communicate complex tokenomics information effectively
Our innovative software as a service (SaaS) indicator tool is designed to provide real-time information about tokenomics, more specifically about token unlocks and supply shocks.
Token unlocks occur when a portion of a cryptocurrency's circulating supply becomes available for trading. This can lead to supply shocks that can affect the price of the coin or token.

The Problems we solve

Understanding token economics can be a daunting task for retail investors due to the complexity of the mathematical fundamentals, lack of transparency, and technical know-how involved.
Complexity Many investors know about the term “tokenomics”, but they don’t know the mathematical fundamentals and formulas to break the information into an actionable format. More often than not they can’t identify what has a healthy or negative effect for the token economy due to the lack of comparison and experience analyzing them.
Lack of Transparency Tokenomics are ultra sensitive information, which must be publicly accessible in legal terms. Unfortunately, many projects in the space choose the option of hiding this information or sharing it in a confusing way to avoid its analysis.
Technical Know-how Tokenomics uses a specific language with uncommon words for most investors, making the learning barrier slow and confusing. TGE, Cliff, FDV, Vesting Schedule, Linear Vesting, Twisted Vesting, Unlocks, Emissions, Inflation, Supply Shocks, Float.

Our Solution

We transform complex tokenomics data into an easy-to-understand visuals indicator, empowering investors to make informed decisions.

Empower your users decisions with math and economics.

Our tool bridges the gap between expert and regular investors, accelerating crypto adoption and changing the world for the better.
So whether your users are seasoned crypto traders or just starting out, our Indicator is the must-have tool for web3 data providers who want to stay ahead of the competition.